Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bristol and Par

Friday, May 20
We ate a late breakfast in the hotel dining room, overlooking the turning mill wheel, and then packed our things back in the car for the drive to Bristol in time to eat lunch with the Cunningham-Burleys. Before heading on down the M-4 Motorway Exeter and Cornwall we went to visit their church to see the stained glass window they did.
We stayed that night in the town of Par at the Royal Inn, which was not so royal, but pleasant enough, with good food and a nice, almost empty pub where we drank a pint after dinner . 
We watched as people began to drift in, filling the place to crowded by 9:00 pm, coming mainly for drink and discourse, but also to listen to a local band that was loud and enthusiastic and actually pretty good. By the end of the first set the place was jammed, and we were ready to retire to the other wing of the building. Upstairs, it was quiet, and we slept easily.

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