Monday, November 3, 2014

A Morning Run

     With the end of Daylight Savings Time it should be easier to get out of bed, since it gets light an hour earlier. However, the temperature has dropped overnight into the mid 30's so it's hard to convince myself that it is a good idea to put on running clothes, pull a ski cap over my ears, slip on gloves, and go for a morning run.
     Once I was actually up and out the door, I went for a slow-paced 5 miler along Riverside Drive, across the Huguenot Bridge over the James River and back again.
     The air was cooler than the water, and sinuous tendrils of morning mist did slow gyrations just above the still river, their movements mirrored on the smooth water.

  A couple of mallards came whirring down, back-flapping their wings to slow down just before extending their webbed toes to water-ski the last couple of feet before settling contentedly, gabbling to each other as they paddled off in search of submerged breakfast.

      The still surface of the river in the morning sun was a pallet of color, reflecting sky blue and brilliant shades of orange and red and green from the trees on the far bank. At the edge of the low Bosher's Dam the plunging water sparkled like cascading diamonds in the sunlight.

     I'll try to hold those images the next morning when I'm considering pulling the covers up around my neck and going back to sleep!