Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hawaii Log = Day 2

Wednesday, October 29
Tired from jet-lag, we slept late, finally rolling out at about noon...
(Actually that was Virginia time...in Hawaii it was 6:00 a.m.!)

There is a beautiful view from our friends' house. Out across pineapple fields you can see the ocean in the distance.
A short walk to the end of their street, through a gate and down an unpaved road through the pineapple fields will bring you to a dark cliff that drops into the cobalt blue ocean, where big swells sometimes roll out of the north, lifting and curling as high as twenty feet at a spot the surfers call “Jaws”.
We left the house about 9:30 and drove to a little town called Makawao where we drank coffee and ate croissants outside at Casanovas, overlooking the town’s only major intersection. Appetites satisfied, we strolled across the narrow main street to a small grocery store that stocks only organic foods. We bought some wonderful, nut and grain filled whole wheat hamburger buns, some cheese, sesame sticks, apples and something to drink for lunch, and wandered our way toward the sinuous mountain road that climbs 10,000 feet in 22 miles to the summit of Haleakala.

“The House of the Sun” is one of Maui’s two ancient volcanoes. Actually it’s not all that ancient; the last eruption from the side of the volcano was a little over 200 years ago, so it is still considered "active".

There were truly breath-taking views from the top down into the crater.

We hiked partway down into the crater on trail, and met people riding horses coming back up.

We hiked several other trails around the edges of the volcano,
and watched the sunset from above the clouds.

Polli's Restaurant in Makawao was the perfect spot

to eat dinner with our friends at the end of a perfect day.

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